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2Chixz Place
Well we see you've stumbled acrost our little waste-of-space on the internet,... we're so proud of you!

As you can see this is still very much a work in progress, So please stop yelling at us! we're working on it as fast as we can! Greenie is doing the graphics (with a little help from me... he HTML honey. lmao) and Moi is doing the HTML (with of coars a little help from Greenie the graphics goddess hehe)

We will be writing our entire lives here... so just bear with us as we type! actually no, we wont. BUT! we will be writing what ever the heck we please here. Which will probably consist of whatever I (yous truly) feel like writing about my life, pets, hopes dreams and fears... and dang that sounds so corny... And Miss Greenie, will be writing about her self (whatever she decides to write) and about her pets, life, loves, etc.

Greenie and I are best buds, and being such we decided to make a website together, to 1) amuse our selves, 2) show our tallents off (ha-ha) and 3) just because we wanted to!